Download Greylist version 1.1 - release 2

This is the second public release of the greylist daemon. Check out the extensive documentation for more details.


Greylist daemon

This is a complete rewrite of the greylisting service. It has now been running in a production environment for almost a year and seems very stable. It is very fast and easy on the mail system and therefore suitable for large mail relays of the ISP size type.

Main features of this new implementation of a greylisting daemon are

The gps forum is back!

Due to popular demand - the gps forum received a total of six votes in the poll - I've decided to import the old Phorum 5 based forum into Drupal.
The gps forums are in the usual place: The gps forum

If you already had a user account on the old phorum you should be able to log in with the same user name and password. Should that fail for some reason please use the request new password feature which will send you a new password to your registered email address.


mimoland has moved to Drupal. After years of running on phpwiki it's about time for something new I thought. Most of the old stuff is gone but will hopefully be back soon.

MLX - MultiLingual eXtension for APC-ActionApps

MLX adds content translation and interface translation features to ActionApps. All of this is now part of ActionApps core and these pages are here mainly for documentation and historic reasons.

gps - greylist policy service for postfix

Greylisting is a way of reducing spam coming into users' mailboxes on the mail server. gps (it soon will be called greylist) is a fast and secure implementation of a greylist policy service for the postfix mail server.

gps is no longer actively developed. Use the Greylist daemon instead. The greylist daemon is completely compatible to gps. The same database schema is used and any configuration that was possible with gps can be done with the greylist daemon (but is slightly more complicated).