gps Features Requests

Hi to all.
I'm looking forward to installa greylist service on my postfix servers.
Does gps support follow features?

1. Postfix service and MySQL service are on different servers. In my scenario I've 3 frontend servers (postfix) and needs to connect to a single backend MySQL server so that I've in one place all greylist entries.

2. MySQL failover support. What happened if the MySQL server is not reachable? Is there a way to bypass the greylist request if the greylist server is not reachable, without having problem with postfix?

Thank's a lot, Simon



re 1: yes, that's the way we run it too. You can set the db host in the configuration file (check out the documentation under configuration)

re 2: if there is a problem with the db server gps fails over and stops greylisting so no email gets blocked because of a db problem. gps logs this clearly in the mail error log (in capitals!). So it's easy to check for it and integrate it with some sort of monitoring system.

Hope this helps,


Ok, great!
When I've solved the compile problem, i'll try it. In most cases, graylist systems with postfix uses the inet:: (check_policy_service) which has a big fail-over. If the service (port) is not reachable, postfix hangs.
Have a process running into the server (unix:private) seems a better solution. So gps has to manage the connection to remote host and, if it's not reachable, it maybe returns a defer_if_permit....
If I've understood well, it's what I'm searching for :)


yeah you understood right. postfix spawns a gps process for each smtp process. The gps process returns "dunno" (=defer_if_permit) for most error conditions that can occur. A few ones lead to gps exiting, e.g. if postfix would send garbled input. Good luck with the compiling stuff.