all londoners live in a tubemap

ever wondered what greenford looks like, or totteridge & whetstone? what about southfield, boston manor or becontree? how well do you really know the city you live in, or are you merely navigating your way around london using the tube map to keep your bearings? apart from overcrowded tourist sites what does london have to offer?

this project is a simple encouragement to be a tourist in your own city: to discover something new, challenge your routine of moving through london and to experience a different part of the city you live in.

step one:

look at the tubemap and pick a station you have never been to

step two:

take a camera, get on the tube and make your way to your station of choice

step three:

alight at the tubestation and begin your discovery of the area around your station of choice (please don't just take pictures of the station only). make it a fun day out and let the world be part of it.

step four:

upload your pictures onto and see the network grow.

the idea goes further:

leading on from the interactive web-based map the aim is to transform this into an exhibition – a walkable space including the best submitted pictures, culminating in a cartographic installation of london and all the components the city is made of.

I built this site using phpwiki and custom coded plugins in the first place. Over one thousand photos and articles were submitted by members of the public. In 2009 the upgrade of phpwiki became too difficult and the client decided to migrate the data into their new main site