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The UNESCO eForum is a tool created for information sharing, dialogue, discussion, networking and collaboration between governments, private sector, and civil society in a wide range of issues around education development.


The platform provides an institutional and technological environment for multiple platforms to host group discussions, communities of practice, knowledge exchange and a repository. The Forum provides tools for members to network and deliberate, blogging, video sharing, and access to external and social media sites.



eMap is the virtual network on Education Planning and Management developed by UNESCO. eMap enables experts and institutions to register and create their profiles for consultation by the eMap community.


It is intended to provide a space for information sharing and exchange of ideas between planners, managers, researchers and practitioners in areas of education policy development and implementation in the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond.


The database is accessible in English, French and Spanish languages.


Gyaan Yatra

Gyaan Yatra is an initiative of the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy, designed to animate debate and understanding of development issues as a way of raising awareness. And as part of this work it also cultivates a group of development ambassadors, young people who are involved in AFP's development leadership scheme. Now translating all of that into requirements for the website meant coming up with a structure that could provide: