DEA (formerly known as Development Education Association)

The DEA had managed a static site for several years when they approached the company for a solution to their changing publishing needs. Their growing databases of publications and contacts needed an online home which the static site simply couldn’t accomodate. After working together with DEA on a new architecture for the more sophisticated dynamic site, we developed this resource rich site of materials and services for the education sector. The databases of contacts and publications are fully searchable and easy to update.


the company rebuilt the Genewatch web site in 2006. The volume of new content flowing onto the old static site was making site management too labour intensive. The new site needed to make lighter work of content management, and improvements to the site structure. We developed it using ActionApps (AA), and used it to successfully pilot a new approach to dynamic navigational menus in AA – something which developers had been struggling with for some time.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

The IWPR works on free media projects in conflict zones, as a way of promoting peace and democracy. Staff are spread out in offices in ten countries, from where they support local journalism initiatives in getting news out. The website fits into the picture as part of IWPR’s role as an “electronic samizdat,” supporting local reporters under siege and utilising new technologies to disseminate their reporting in country, regionally and internationally.